If you asked me, I’d say that Iron Man is the most realistic character out of all the superheroes in the MCU. I’m sure there are other heroes who have no gamma rays, radioactive spiders or super-soldier serums but, for the purpose of this article let’s stick with Iron Man.

When Stark creates the first Iron Man Nano suit, he goes through a series of processes such as designing the suit, making a prototype, trying out the prototype, checking its size, testing its performance before finally coming up with the final product. …

Recently, my family finally decided to transition from the Wii console (yes people still use these) and invested in a PS4 with the Camera. When we were setting up the camera, it would not detect us. We went online and searched up what we could do. We ended up buying 2 huge lights to add to the living room and the camera still couldn’t recognize. However, our mom (who is a few shades lighter) happened to walk behind us and the camera immediately caught her.

This was the basis for me exploring and writing this article on algorithmic bias. I’m…

I remember sitting in the movie theatre bawling my eyes out watching Five Feet Apart. Who knew that people around the world weren’t able to properly interact with someone who had gone through or is going through the same thing as them, who could understand their pain, thoughts and feelings the most. They say a picture is worth a thousand words: Will Newman’s drawings were worth a thousand lives.

Image of Stella looking at Will’s drawing form the film Five Feet Apart

The 2019 film Five Feet Apart gave lots of exposure to a genetic disorder called cystic fibrosis. According to the CF Foundation, “genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis, are caused by mutations…

Praise Erianamie

17y/o innovator interested in impacting the world through exponential technologies. Always learning, Always growing | IoT & AR/VR Enthusiast

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